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Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 brings a new set of technologies, features, and services to Exchange Server. Its goal is to support people and organizations as their work habits evolve from a communication focus to a collaboration focus. At the same time, Exchange 2016 helps lower the total cost of ownership whether you deploy Exchange 2016 on-premises or provision your mailboxes in the cloud.


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"Exchange 2016 is almost the same as 2013. The most noticeable change is the consolidation of the CAS..."
"This is on the docket for next year as we are currently on 2007. Clearly they had some strong things..."
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    Configuration has not changed much from 2013. Runs well under W2016. Migration from 2013 was easy. Best version so far!
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    Exchange 2016 is almost the same as 2013. The most noticeable change is the consolidation of the CAS role into the mailbox role. Aside from the management tools, you essentially have 2 server roles to choose from (Edge Transport & Mailbox). In a world where we keep getting pushed to the cloud, I'm curious to see where this software is in another ~10 years.
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    Right now I only have it in my test lab. Let's start with the likes. Uses the disk less and memory more. Increased PowerShell capabilities. Simpler architecture, ie. two servers to manage instead of four. What I don't like is a short list but important for what seems to have become what I am good at. Integration / Conversion tools are non-existent. The connectors for Lotus, GroupWise, and other systems are no longer included. If you are migrating to Exchange from another system be prepared to find a third party tool.

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