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Unlike traditional solutions which require intense efforts to protect larger number of endpoints, GravityZone can be scaled with ease thanks to its virtual container architecture. Deploying and managing protection for physical, virtual or mobile endpoints is simplified by integrating with the most important virtualization and directory services. Delivered in a virtual container, GravityZone can be imported to run on any virtualization platform. This accelerates the deployment process by simply loading the virtual appliance into any hypervisor.


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    This company could care less about their customers. Their support is worst I have ever dealt with and the product isn't much better. When it actually works correctly it's great, but with every update more problems arise then are fixed.
    What are the pros?
    Easy to deploy. If you can get it to work correctly, then I guess that's a pro.
    What are the cons?
    Support. It's non-existent. You can call them but good luck getting through. You can open an email ticket, but you wont' get a confirmation and it takes them about a week to respond. You can use their chat, but not if your a business customer. They will just open a ticket for you and again, you wait a week to hear anything back. When you finally get a response from them and reply, it will be days before they get back to you again. Support left our VM's unprotected for months. They simply didn't care. We still have a ticket open that is going on 4 months now. Product updates - When you update or reboot their appliances be ready for your systems to be unprotected until you spend half a day rebooting everything, resetting licenses, restarting services, then magically, the product will start working. It's nothing but a headache. Protection - You have to test your systems on a daily basis. Don't trust their console. It will show your machines protected, but in fact they aren't. If you are using NSX, you can't see daily quick or full scans. They simply can't show that but according to support "It's working but not reporting correctly" thanks support. VM's in the console will report an error with a red exclamation point. But not actually show what that error is. If you are a company that is audited yearly, your auditors will recommend you move to a product that is functional and ding you for it. If you are using VMware, be ready to deal with the above headaches if you vMotion virtual machines or update your hosts.

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